August 19, 2010

Crystal Lake Camping

So here's a post after over a year.  Can you believe it?  Here are some photos we took when we went camping at Crystal Lake just outside of Lewistown.  Friday was really cold and dreary.  Brady forgot to put our garbage in the car before he came to bed and we ended up with a critter in our campsite.

I can laugh now but I was scared to death at the time.  Brady heard a noise first and flung open the tent and flashed a light around but didn't see anything.  He then went to sleep.  Of course there was no way in hell I was going to sleep.  I laid there and then I heard it.  I could hear cans being squished.

I woke Brady up and tell him there's something out there he says yeah.  I asked if he put the garbage in the car and he says no.  I ask him if he's going to look out there and he just tells me he'd rather have it eat the garbage and not us.  I asked if he brought his gun and he said no!  WHAT!?  He brings his gun to go "ICE FISHING" but not to protect his family from critters in the mountains?!

So he and I both laid there wide awake hoping and praying it was only a skunk or a raccoon.  I had visions that a bear was going to rip through the tent at any moment.  I was trying to imagine how I would save my girls as they were laying on either side of us on the edges of the tent.  Needless to say we were trying to be very quiet. 

Then Maggie flipped over in her sleeping bag! I heard the scurrying feet of whatever was in our campsite leave.  Thank goodness.  Needless to say there was still no way I was going back to sleep and neither was Brady.  He and I both laid there just praying the sun would come up and the birds would start chirping.  We snuggled and giggled quietly.  We're still not sure how long we laid there because neither of us had a watch.

All in all the trip was fun and the girls had a great time.  The best part was sitting at the lake and letting them cast their fishing poles and reel them in time and time again.  No fish to speak of but they loved the chase.

April 22, 2009

Here is a window I decorated for Springfest 2009. Springfest is a fund raiser for the Sacred Heart Catholic School. Each year there is a dinner and auction and there is always some type of table decoration type item they make and then sell as a silent auction item. These items are usually some type of item that has been altered in some way by a local craft person/artisan. One year it was altered/decorated mailboxes. This year it was old windows. Here was my interpretation of the craft. I really liked how it turned out. You'll have to forgive the pictures. I was trying to take them quick before we left for work that morning. I hope you can see some of the details. The idea is that you could tape your own photos behind the glass and they would show through the frames. You can change out the photos anytime you want. All the items were either paper frames or rub-ons.

Hidden Easter Baskets!

Easter was a bit lonely again this year. We used to travel to Sheridan and spend the time with my sister and her family, but since they have moved to Omaha we haven't spent Easter with them. We did have a good time. The weather was awesome and the girls got lots of great treats.

The Easter bunny brought Abby the High School Musical III DVD and Maggie got the Bedtime Stories DVD. Both movies are good. I know all the muscial numbers (dance & song!) from HSM. I rock! Bedtime Stories is great. Even Brady liked it.

Maggie was sick the whole weekend. She was running a fever of about 103.4 from Wednesday night to Monday morning. Yeuck! It started as the stomach flu and turned to a really nasty cold. We got her on some antibiotics and within a day she was feeling 100% better.
Lori, Dan and Danni Jo did come home for Easter so it was great to visit with them. We all had dinner at Mom & Dad's house along with Grandma Mary, Auntie Carol and Megan. The kids got to do a bit of a scavenger hunt. There were clues to hidden goodies at Mom's, Grandma's and Suntie Carol's. Lots of good chocolate for mommy!

Easter Bunny Houses

Wow! I think I am the world's worst blogger. I am back and will try to be more diligent about posting. Here are Abby and Maggie decorating some Easter Egg houses I picked up for $2.00. I am such a bargain shopper! They were so cute to decorate. All the pieces came in a box. Even the frosting. They had such a great time designing their own house and picking the colors they wanted to use. I tried to help as little as little as possible. I did assemble the houses but they did all the decorating!

January 19, 2009


I can't believe it's been since the beginning of September since I last posted. I have just really been in quite a funk. It's a new year and I'm hopeful that I am on my way to being organized and on top of things. No real New Year's Resolutions, too much pressure and guilt to go along with that.
Anyway, as some of you know I started selling Stampin Up products some time last year. I'm having fun with it. I would like to get a few more classes together and push myself to set aside some creative time for myself. I have taught a couple of classes and thought I would take pictures of some of the projects. Let me know what you think.

September 2, 2008

What time is it?

Does everyone have their trip faces on? Here are the first pictures of our family vacation in Omaha, NE. This is the morning we left Miles City for our 12 hour trek across the midwest. Surprisingly everyone looks pretty happy even though it is the butt crack of dawn (6 am). True Don Bockness style. It wouldn't have been a trip without leaving that early. My dad has always been famous for leaving very early and very few stops along the way to the destination. As you can see we were fairly loaded down on the way there, wait until you see the trip back!

2008 Southeastern MT Fair - A Scottish Fling

The girls had such a fantastic time at the fair this year. I promised them last year that I would take them to the fair on the night when you could buy the bracelet and ride as many rides, as many times as you wanted. THEY DIDN'T FORGET! It worked out great though. We took them out on Thursday night and they rode everything until it was dark. Abby hooked up with her friend Kinley so her mom and Brady and I walked around the fair and visited while the girls all rode. I think the best ride was the big huge slide. I didn't get any pictures though because my camera died! I loved seeing them on the race track ride. Abby and Maggie giggled and giggled every time they whipped around a corner. They were hilarious!